Piano Lanco

Tuning Services:

• Standard Tuning (see also Historical Temperaments)
- for a regularly maintained piano

• Standard Tuning with Pitch Raise
- for a piano that hasn't been tuned in a long time

• Gift certificates available

more about tunings and temperaments

Regulation Services:

- Adjust let-off, hammer strike, keydip, drop, backchecks, aftertouch, touchweight...
- Shape / Voice Hammers
- Tighten Screws, Lubricate, Adjust pedals, Replace Action Felts...

Cleaning Services:

- Clean action
- Clean soundboard
- Keys (ivory polishing buffing / ebony cleaning)

Repair Services:

- Action / Hammers / Pedals / Strings / Hardware
- Ivory Repair / Keytop Replacement
- Case / Soundbaord Repair / Refinishing
- Casters
- Humidity Control Systems
- Benches / Accessories

Dampp Chaser Systems Installation and Maintenance

Dampp Chaser


* Historical Temperaments:

1-4 Syntonic Meantone 
14th-cent Pythagorean 
1797 meantone 
1799 meantone 
17th-cent meantone 
A Merrick Q-E 
Alexander John Ellis 1875 Q-E 
Alexander John Ellis 1885 Q-E 
Alexander Metcalf Fisher 
Anton Bemetzrieder Pythagorean 
Augustus De Morgan unequal 
Bach - Bradley Lehman 
Balanced 16 
Bremmer EBVT 
Broadwood Best 
Charles E Moscow Pythagorean 
Christiaan Huygens 31 
Coleman 11 
Coleman 16 
Coleman 4 
Early 18th-cent well 
Equal-beating Charles Earl Stanhope 
Equal-beating Jean-Jacques Rousseau 
Equal-beating John Preston well 
Equal-beating Prinz well 
Francesco Antonio Vallotti well 
George Frederick Handel well 
Gioseffo Zarlino 2 7th 
Gottfried Keller 1 5th ditonic 
Henricus Grammateus Pythagorean 
Howard Willet Pyle Q-E 
Improved William Hawkes meantone 
Jean Jousse Q-E 
Jean Jousse well 
Jean-Le Rond DAlembert well 
Jean-Le Rond DAlembert 
Johann Christian Gottlieb Graupner Q-E 
Johann George Neidhardt Pythagorean 
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Q-E 
Johann Philipp Kirnberger well 
John Holden 1 5th syntonic 
John Marsh 4 25th syntonic 
Kirnberger III 
Mark Wicks Q-E 
Neidhardt-Marpurg-De Morgan Pythagorean 
Peter Prelleur well 
Pietro Aaron quarter syntonic 
Rep 18th cent well 
Rep Victorian well 
Robert Smith50 
Stanhope 1-3 Comma 
Stanhope Equal Beating 
Theoretical Charles Earl Stanhope 
Theoretical Jean-Jacques Rousseau 
Theoretical John Preston well 
Theoretical Prinz well 
Thomas Young #1 
Vallotti Well (1750) 
Vallotti-Young well 
Viennese Q-E 
Werkmeister III 
William Hawkes 1 6th Mecator 
William Hawkes meantone 
William Tans'ur well



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